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A Banished Outpost on Installation 00.

The Outpost is a type of Socket base employed by the Banished in their campaign on Installation 00. Like the UNSC Firebase or Covenant citadel, they can host up to seven buildings of various types alongside four Spike turrets.


Outposts are deployed via Eklon'Dal Workshop Lich dropships, with their modular buildings deployed via specially-modified Spirits.[1] The Banished have perfected their strip-mining and rapid assault and extraction efforts over a decade of raiding Covenant and other targets. Each outpost is an invasive engine of exploitation, controlled by rapacious overseers who seek to siphon the riches of the Ark in pursuit of Atriox's grand plans for domination and glory. Though they lack the military efficiency of their UNSC counterparts, the Banished's outposts advance plans that extend far beyond the battlefield, and even beyond the Ark itself.[2] The Banished additionally employ smaller buildings and camps separate from main Outpost buildings across the Ark.[3]


A Banished stronghold.


Banished minibases can be deployed as light forward bases capable of supporting one or two buildings. In a base type referred to as a "Stronghold", Banished minibases are the Stronghold, deploying automatically with a Foundry, Raid Camp and Banished Apex attached. Each Banished minibase is the shared command of two fallen Jiralhanae warlords who have failed Atriox in some major - but redeemable - way. Each competes to control the majority share of resources sent back to the Enduring Conviction. When their tally of contributions is totaled by the overseer, only the most competent is allowed to return to Atriox's Chieftain council, while the loser is condemned to serve as a Grunt supervisor. Alongside their building support, minibase outposts store a light armory for equipping infantry.[4]


Atriox sees little value in simulation training, preferring to blood his warriors in actual combat, viewing pain and fear as better teachers than the sterile realm of simulations and shadow-enemies. However, there are occasions when monitoring and screening are useful in identifying recruits that have the talent needed to lead Banished forces, and what better test for a new Banished lieutenant than a Stronghold on a chaotic front line?[5]

Strongholds serve as the primary objective in the Strongholds gamemode in multiplayer, and can be encountered in the Halo Wars 2 campaign. When constructed in the Strongholds gamemode, the Stronghold will automatically drop a Foundry, Apex and Raid Camp into the base for the player to instantly begin building units.



A Banished minibase.

The base Outpost is the core base structure, supporting three build slots and no turrets. Outposts cost 500 supply and 200 power to build.

  • The Stronghold upgrade will support 2 extra building slots, 4 turret emplacements and unlocks HQ Tech 1 for infantry and vehicular units. It costs 400 energy. The initial base provided at the start of a match will be a Stronghold.
  • The Citadel upgrade will add another 2 building slots and unlocks HQ Tech 2 for more infantry and vehicular units. It costs 1,000 energy.
  • The Fortress upgrade will only unlock HQ Tech 3 for the remainder of the infantry and vehicular units, also enable to research level 3 upgrades. It costs 1,500 energy.


Grunt Squads and Choppers can be trained at the Outpost structure itself, alongside leader-specific units such as the Wraith Invader, Banished Phantom and Klavrig Workshop Skitterer


The following buildings can be constructed on an Outpost.


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