UNSC Barricade

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A UNSC Barricade with no upgrades on the mission Hold the Line.

The Barricade is a UNSC fortification in Halo Wars 2. They are featured in the mission Hold the Line as defensive structures and in the Terminus Firefight gamemode as an upgrade of the Fence. As an upgrade of the Fence, the barricade has more resilience, and has three of its own further upgrades. The Barricade upgrade costs 200 supply.


  • Bunker Barricade - An upgrade that turns the barricade into a garrisonable structure, allowing up to three infantry squads to man the barricade. The upgrade requires Tech Level 1 and costs 300 supply and 100 power.
  • Fortified Barricade - An upgrade that increases the barricade's health. The upgrade requires Tech Level 2 and costs 600 supply/ 100 power.
  • Regen Barricade - An upgrade that allows the barrier to heal itself and any friendly units in the vicinity over time. The upgrade requires Tech Level 3 and costs 300 supply and 400 power.


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