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This article is about the building in Halo Wars. For other uses of "Relic", see Relic (disambiguation).
A render of the Forerunner console on Release in Halo Wars.
Various views of the console.

This unidentified Forerunner relic is a type of Forerunner structure located on the surface of the shield world Trove.[1]


The structure was a Forerunner platform with a central control panel, which provided remote access to the nearby Flood containment facility. It has a large Forerunner symbol that correspond to those found at the entrance into the facility. By 2531, although the external surface of containment facility was overrun by Flood infestation, the control panels remained operational, allowing users to release Flood from the containment facility.[1]

In-game information[edit]

The Forerunner Relic appears exclusively on the Halo Wars Skirmish level Release; one located on the northern corner of the map, while the other is located on the southwest corner. Each Relic is defended by a Flood Root. When garrisoned with friendly infantry units, players can access the Relic's circle menu and release Flood from the corresponding Containment Unit, with the starting cost being Tech level 1 and Resources 300; subsequent activations cost an additional Resources 300 each time (until it reaches a maximum of Resources 900) and can be purchased as many times as desired, but with a wait time of two minutes between each wave.

The Flood Containment Units are located near the starting base locations, but the released Flood units could attack both players. Furthermore, the first three times the control panel is activated, each wave has units in greater variety and numbers. The first swarm has infected marines and carrier forms, the second wave adds thrasher forms, and the third adds Flood swarm forms. Continued releases result in a repeat of the third wave.


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