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"May I please ask, why is there two Halo wikis', first being Halo Nation..."
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Joined, Halopedia, back in 2007, now I am back.

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The Conjuring, Wolf of Wall Street, Focus, Avatar, The Hobbit. Halo: Master Chief Collection, Destiny, Titanfall, Smite, RuneScape, IMVU. Doritos, Pizza! Caramel Macchiato, Dr Pepper, Monster Chaos.

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I saw your question to Nicmavr about why there are two halo wikis and I can answer you. Halopedia used to be the same site as Halo Nation, but over a year ago Halopedia moved to it's own independent site here because of changes Wikia was making.. The Wikia Halo site then changed to a Halo Nation.