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A Heavy Supply Pad.
"The base is up and running again. We need supply pads built, so I can send down materials."

Supply Pads are UNSC structures that form the backbone of a prefabricated Firebase unit, and are crucial to the smooth operation of any base. They provide not only access to the underground assembly and storage areas, but also everything from medical kits to full-sized Warthog engines, the crew of a well run supply pad knows that a working pad means a working base.[1] Supply pads are supported by D82-EST Darter supply ships. Supply Pads allow the firebase to receive a constant flow of Supplies from the Spirit of Fire. These are vital logistical ports for UNSC combat operations, and the force commander should carefully weigh the cost of delaying their construction. To sustain high-tempo missions the Heavy Supply Pad upgrade is needed, which accelerates Supply generation.[2]

While some useful assets can be salvaged and tapped on the Ark's surface, the bulk of the UNSC's supplies must still be delivered from the Spirit of Fire. Sustaining combat operations on the Ark would be practically impossible without the use of supply pads to quickly unload cargo from dropships and the on-site direction of logisticians to efficiently redistribute the incoming food, ammunition, spare parts, and power cells.[2]


Halo Wars[edit]

  • Supply Pad: 100 resources. Brings in resources.
  • Heavy Supply Pad: 225 resources and tech level of one.

Halo Wars 2[edit]

  • Supply Pad Info: Produces Supplies, Can be upgraded to a Heavy Supply Pad
  • Cost: Population 0, Supplies 150, Energy 0


  • They perform the same function as the Forerunner Supply Elevator, and the Covenant Warehouse.
  • Sergeant Forge's Supply Pads start as Heavy Supply Pads, whereas other commanders must upgrade them for 225 resources.


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