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UNSC Airpad

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A UNSC airpad.

The UNSC airpad is a UNSC building in Halo Wars. As its name suggests, it is designed to construct aircraft, such as the Hornet, Hawk, Vulture and EV-44 Nightingale.[1]


Air superiority can be of vital importance, for example not only for intelligence gathering but also for tactical strikes at your enemy’s weak points. A UNSC Airpad is a surprisingly sophisticated structure that not only houses the maintenance crews required to refit, repair, and rearm Hornets and other UNSC aircraft, it also houses banks of simulation pods to train pilots in everything from the basics to advanced tactical maneuvers.[1] Airpads also support the force commander with sensor feeds and intelligence uplinks which allow for proper battlespace deconfliction, kill chain assignment, and other aerospace management tasks.[2]


Halo Wars[edit]

  • AV-14 Hornet: Mainline UNSC air unit. A versatile single-seat, fast aircraft armed with a gatling gun and rockets.
    • Hornet Upgrades
      • Wingmen: Adds Marines riding shotgun with rocket launchers to boost damage.
      • Chaff pod: Passive ability; better avoidance of missile fire.
  • AC-220 Vulture: UNSC super unit. Advanced air-weapons platform that can unleash devastating damage on all targets
    • Vulture Upgrades
      • Mega barrage: Doubles the number of missile salvos in a barrage attack.
Render of the Air Pad in Halo Wars 2.

Halo Wars 2[edit]

  • AV-14 Hornet
    • Info: Core Air, Fast moving, Medium range
    • Base Level: 3
    • Cost: Population 4, Supplies 375, Energy 0
  • EV-44 Nightingale
    • Info: Support Unit, Repairs and heals, Non-combative, Detects cloaked units.
    • Base Level: 2
    • Cost: Population 5, Supplies 500, Energy 0
  • AC-220 Vulture
    • Info: Heavy Air, Can lauch devastating PHOENIX missile
    • Base Level: 3
    • Cost: Population 9, Supplies 750, Energy 75


  • Air Level One
    • Info: Increase all Air Units Health and Damage Boost by 15%
    • Requirements: Combat Station
    • Cost: Supplies 0, Energy 600
  • Air level Two
    • Info: Increase all Air Units Health and Damage Boost by 30%
    • Requirements: Command Center
    • Cost: Supplies 0, Energy 800
  • Air level Three
    • Info: Increase all Air Units Health and Damage Boost by 45%
    • Requirements: Headquarters
    • Cost: Supplies 0, Energy 1200


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