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This article is about the Banished building. For the Covenant vehicle, see Za'zayara-pattern Harvester.
An Augmented Harvester (left) and a Harvester (right).

Harvesters are a type of building employed by the Banished at their Banished outposts such as those on Installation 00, used for the purpose of extracting resources from the local area to supply their armies and campaigns. They function as the Banished equivalent of the UNSC Supply Pad.


Harvesters are extraction sites that delve into the Ark's interior to tap raw feedstock that is then converted into Supplies used by the Banished. They can be purchased for 150 supplies. To meet ever-increasing production quotas the Augmented Harvester upgrade is needed, which accelerates Supply generation.[1] These can be upgraded to from existing Harvesters for 200 power.

The Ark belongs to Atriox. All others in the Banished are entitled only to the scraps he deems fit for their hands. Under his control, the Harvesters are but one link in a chain that ultimately extends from the Ark to the Banished forces carrying out other phases of his plan in the Orion Arm of the galaxy. Though important, ultimately every outpost is expendable, and talented overseers can parlay even seeming defeat into praise and promotion if they exceed Atriox’s estimates for harvested profit when they come under attack.[1]


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