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This article is about the Covenant building. For the map in Halo 5: Guardians, see Summit.
The Covenant Summit.

The summit is a kind of deployable structure used by the Covenant and its remnants. They serve as an extension option on the Covenant's citadel firebases,[1] and are designed for the mass manufacture and maintenance of aerial vehicles.[2][3] It serves as a counterpart to the air pad and apex structures employed by the United Nations Space Command and Banished, respectively - with the latter bearing a considerable visual similarity to the summit itself.


The summit is a large deployable structure capable of being deployed as an extenison on a Covenant citadel or minibase. They can serve as field airbases and are capable of being teleported into their mounts from an orbiting Covenant starship.[4]

Summits are capable of mass-manufacturing, maintaining and upgrading a large variety of Covenant vehicles.[2][3] These include the Bkowe'nei-pattern Vampire and the various design patterns of Banshee[1][4] and Phantom.[2][3] Huragok may also be serviced at a summit, when not housed in their own dedicated Huragok recharge stations.[1][4]

Operational history[edit]

Summits were used by the imperial Covenant during their planetary warfare campaigns during the Human-Covenant War. These included deployments on Arcadia[5] and Trove.[6]

In the post-war era, summits continued to see use in the Covenant remnant led by Jul 'Mdama. In February 2558, one such installation was deployed by 'Mdama's forces on Requiem and was the site of an attack by Fireteam Shadow during the Requiem Campaign. During the installation, the Spartan-IVs used TQ-8 seeker drones to help their attack on the base, though the mission was interruped with Shadow's recall for a more urgent mission to board and destroy a Zanar-pattern light cruiser, Panom's Canticle. To speed up their evacuation from the site, Shadow stole a Phantom dropship docked at the summit site to use for transportation.[2][3]

In-game information[edit]

Halo Wars[edit]

The summit is a Covenant building featured in Halo Wars. It costs Resources 150 and requires a tech level of Tech level 0.

The summit serves as the Covenant counterpart to the UNSC Airpad and constructs units such as Banshees, Vampires and Engineers. All the air-based unit upgrades are researched at the Summit. Unlike the UNSC Airpad which requires a tech level Tech level 2, the summit can be built at a tech level of Tech level 0, making an early 'Banshee rush' fairly easy. Like all buildings in Halo Wars, it takes the color of the player's team.

Units produced and available upgrades[edit]

  • Engineer - Support unit. Instead of attacking, Engineers heal or repair friendly units and buildings. 250 resources and a tech level of 1. Takes up Population 1.
    • 1. State of Grace - Increased rate of healing and repair. Resources 350, Tech level 1.
    • 2. Harmonious Digestion - Increases movement speed. Resources 700, Tech level 2.
  • Banshee - Main Covenant air unit. Armed with plasma cannons and Fuel rod cannons. Resources 200, Tech level 1. Takes up Population 2.
    • 1. Boost - Enables speed boost special ability. Resources 200, Tech level 1.
    • 2. Repeating Cannon - Increases fire rate of cannons. Resources 400, Tech level 2.
    • 3. Sacrifice - When critically damaged, the Banshee attempts to crash into ground targets and inflicts area of effect damage. Resources 700, Tech level 3.
  • Vampire - Covenant counter-air unit, equipped with plasma cannons and a heavy needle cannon. Resources 250, Tech level 2. Takes up Population 2.
  • Starting Special Attack - Stasis
    • Temporarily locks enemy aircraft in a stasis field.(Does not affect AC-220 Vulture)
    • 1. Stasis Drain - Stasis ability drains the target's health and repairs the Vampire. Resources 400, Tech level 2.
    • 2. Stasis Bomb - When Stasis completely drains a target it explodes, doing large area of effect damage. Resources 800, Tech level 3.


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