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An Unggoy Storm priming two plasma grenades in Halo 5: Guardians.

A suicide attack is an attack intended to kill others and inflict widespread damage, in which the attacker expects or intends to die in the process. This tactic is commonly, though not exclusively, used by Unggoy troops due to their cannon fodder status, and the general disregard for their morale by their Sangheili or Jiralhanae commanders.


A Banished suicide squad.

Suicide attacks have been used throughout human history. Japanese Kamikaze pilots were often assigned suicidal missions, during World War II. Suicide attacks have been used by many terrorist groups to instil fear to other people.

Various Insurrectionist groups have used suicidal tactics, including the use of "Rumbledrugs" which gave the user superhuman abilities but also caused irreversible physiological damage, often killing the user.[1] In addition, it was not unheard of for insurgents to sacrifice themselves in terrorist bombings.[2] The Spartan-III program was initiated to create expendable Spartan soldiers to combat the Covenant in high-risk, suicidal missions during the Human-Covenant War. Several of these missions include Operation: PROMETHEUS and Operation: TORPEDO, which both resulted in high Spartan-III casualties.[3][4]

In combat, Unggoy troops will sometimes enter a berserker rage, similar to that of the Jiralhanae, but instead will brandish a pair of ignited plasma grenades and rush the enemy. Additionally, the Covenant and the Banished sometimes employed specialized units of Unggoy, called "suicide squads" by the UNSC, whose primary offensive tactic was to rush toward the enemy with a pair of ignited plasma grenades or with explosive methane canisters.[5][6]

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