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Unggoy Minor
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Infantry; Cannon fodder




,Merg Vol's Covenant
Jul 'Mdama's Covenant

Notable individuals:


Minor was the lowest rank bestowed upon Unggoy in the Covenant's military.[1][2] The rank of Minor was also used by several remnants of the Covenant after its fragmentation.


Minors were considered the lowest-ranking of Unggoy in the Covenant's war machine for many years. Minors saw action in a myriad of theaters during the decades-long Human-Covenant War, during which time they would typically be treated as expendable cannon fodder. In the conflict's final year, Unggoy Minors fought in during the Fall of Reach, the Battle of Installation 04, the Battle for Earth, the Battle of Installation 05, and the Battle of Installation 00. When the Great Schism broke out, Minors found themselves falling on a number of different sides of fighting, often in accordance with the wishes of their superiors at the time. After the war's conclusion, large numbers of Unggoy Minors fought on behalf of Merg Vol's Covenant during the Battle of Draetheus V in 2554.[3] Although Minors were not prevalent in Jul 'Mdama's Covenant, they were employed by the faction during the Battle of Installation 03 in 2557.[4]


Unggoy Minors were usually sent into combat with very little in the way of equipment. They wore simple, orange-colored combat harnesses with either a pyramidal or a more smooth, less pointed methane tank. Minors were often equipped with Type-25 plasma pistols or Type-33 needlers, but on occasion they were given Pez'tk-pattern fuel rod guns. It was also not uncommon for an Unggoy minor to carry Anskum-pattern plasma grenades.


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