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Unggoy Bouncers are a special class of Unggoy that serve the Banished.


Roles and responsibilities[edit]

Unggoy bouncers are a role available only by special appointment. Captains, enforcers, and warlords can make use of Unggoy to essentially function as armored bodyguards, protecting the clan's leaders and assets. They have no equal among the other Unggoy of the Banished, but are always at the mercy of their commander and typically never given other authority aside from what they have been assigned. The position of bouncer is both the greatest risk and holds the greatest prestige of any Unggoy role within the Banished, requiring only those willing to lay down their lives and guaranteeing sacrifices with ample remunerations for those in the bouncer's family. Because of this bouncers are held in high esteem by those on Balaho, both for the peril they embrace and their wealth.[2]


The Banished deployed multiple Unggoy Bouncers on the fragmented section of Installation 07 during the Battle for Zeta Halo.[1]


Bouncers wear the same ultra-class combat harnesses as standard Banished Unggoy Ultras. Unlike normal Banished Ultras, Bouncers are armed with Disruptors instead of Needlers and are also equipped with personal energy shields. Like other Unggoy, Bouncers can throw plasma grenades.[1]


Halo Infinite[edit]

Bouncers always wield Disruptors and have shields, half as strong as an Elite Mercenary's. They should not be underestimated, especially when encountered in groups, as mass Disruptor fire can easily trigger its shock effect. Bouncers are not affected by the grappleshot's voltaic upgrade. They will keep their shields deactivated while not engaged, and quickly turn them on when they sense danger.



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