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Heart of Tala

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Heart of Tala
Government overview


Mercenary clan[1]

Societal overview


Tala system[2]




The Heart of Tala are a clan within the Banished,TEMPLATE ERROR: Template using invalid/disallowed fields: "section"[1] comprised of Unggoy forces from the Tala system, the star system of their homeworld.TEMPLATE ERROR: Template using invalid/disallowed fields: "section"[2]


Bipbap the Vanquisher, a prominent member of the clan, served within Alpha Pack in the Ninth Combat Element of the Heart of Tala.TEMPLATE ERROR: Template using invalid/disallowed fields: "section"[3] The clan participated in the Banished occupation of Installation 07 in 2560, during which time Bipbap was killed by Spartan-II John-117.[3]

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