Netherop species

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Netherop species
Halo: Outcasts full cover art
Ruins of the species, used as a battleground in 2559.
Sociocultural information



Technology level:

Tier 6, cusp of Tier 5[1]


This protogenic[2][3] species was native to the world of Netherop. The species was assumed extinct by John-117.[4] They were described millennia after the Great Purification by Olympia Vale as "simple, but industrious miners."[1]


Forerunner-Precursor war[edit]

Main article: Forerunner-Precursor war

During the Forerunner-Precursor war, a group of Precursors fled to, what was at the time, the lush planet of Netherop despite the presence of the Netherop species.[1][5]


In the Military Survey of Uninhabited Planets, the Office of Naval Intelligence had a classified addendum that said Netherop was possibly abandoned - implying that the original surveys of the planet may have found artificially constructed terrain features.[6] In 2559, while working with the Military Survey of Uninhabited Planets, xenoarchaelogist Keely Iyuska discovered a record stating that at some point before the civilization's disappearance, the Forerunners had dispatched a Guardian Custode to subdue Netherop's population. Much to Iyuska's surprise, the civilization had managed to destroy the assaulting Guardian.[2] It was later realized that Precursor fugitives had been hiding on the planet during the Forerunner-Precursor war and their use of a superweapon had destroyed Netherop and its inhabitants.[1]


The technology of the Netherop species was Tier 6, but nearly Tier 5,[1] and never reaching any level of space-faring technology.[7]


The unidentified species created cave cities, before Lena and her ancestors were marooned on Netherop. These were abandoned and had no food when investigated by the humans on Netherop, but they did contain water.[8]

As well, they appear to have made a stone highway.[6] It was cut into the cliff on what humanity called the Serpentine Canyon.[8]


Nicknamed mountain runners, these oval-bodied[8], ten-legged spider-like machines made by the species were used by the Castoffs on the planet. These vehicles were not made with ferrous metal, meaning a leg could not be attached to Frederic-104s magnetic mount.[9] The machines had a driver and passenger compartment and control of the vehicle was done with a control orb. The machine was slightly bigger than an M12 Warthog.[8] The machines contained a coal-fired machine that charged batteries.[4]


The species made use of Microwave-beam weapons. The Castoffs on Netherop made use of weapons that looked like a sickle-shaped dish antenna and fired a microwave burst.[8] These weapons were mounted on the mountain runners.[4]


Other examples of technology and tools created by this species were found on Netherop, though when investigated by the Castoffs, they were unable to be restored to working order.[8]

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