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Gao Republic
Government overview


Democratic republic


Ramonda Avelos[1]

Founding documents:

Articles of the Gao Charter[2]

Head of state:

President of the Gao Republic[3]

Executive branch:

Cabinet of Ministers[4]

Societal overview


Rinale, Founder's District, Gao

Official language(s):



The Gao Republic, also known as the Republic of Gao, is the government of the human colony of Gao. Though formally subject to the UNSC's authority, the republic considers itself a sovereign entity.[5] The Gao Republic has historically resented the UEG's control and openly supported the insurrectionists during the Insurrection, but eventually distanced itself formally from such an allegiance. In 2553, Minister of Protection Arlo Casille allied with the Keepers of the One Freedom and the Venezian Militia in order to stage a coup and oust the sitting president, Tejo Aponte. Incumbent in his plans was also a hope that a UNSC battle group at the planet could be provoked into attacking, which might have triggered insurrectionist sympathy on Gao and throughout human-occupied space. Casille successfully was elected president by the Cabinet of Ministers, but his plans to antagonize the UNSC failed.[6]


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Government and politics[edit]

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