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Gao battle-jumpers


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Gao battle-jumpers are armored stealth troops of the Gao Republic's Ministry of War.[1]

Roles and operations[edit]

Armored stealth troops operating under the Gao Republic's Ministry of War, Gao battle-jumpers are trained to operate behind enemy lines for months or years at a time with no supervision or support. Battle doctrine calls for a company or platoon of battle-jumpers to deploy and then attack an initial target as a unit, then break into squads and scatter, with each squad locating and attacking its own designated high-value targets. In addition, battle-jumpers are deployed in a variety of other roles.[1]

MV-29 Wyvern aircraft can deploy a relatively large complement of battle-jumpers into engagements via drop lines attached to the crafts.[1]


Created and developed by General Hector Nyeto, the Gao battle-jumpers were first deployed during the Insurrection when the Gao Republic went to war against United Nations Space Command and Colonial Military Authority forces on Gao. During the Human-Covenant War, the battle-jumpers were rumored to have destroyed a Covenant battle group that was en route to glass Gao's surface.[1]

On July 6, 2553, after the Gao Republic attacked the UNSC's 717th Xeno-Materials Exploitation Battalion in an effort to forcibly remove the UNSC from the planet, a platoon of battle-jumpers was deployed to the Montero Jungle to intercept Spartan Blue Team to procure Forerunner ancilla Intrepid Eye from the Spartans. Half of the unit was quickly eliminated by the Spartans,[1] though the battle-jumpers continued to pursue despite their mounting casualties. The Spartans took the helmets of several dead battle-jumpers to listen to their orders being transmitted through the helmets. Ultimately, the Spartans killed most of the battle-jumpers sent to engage them and Blue Team was successful in leaving Gao with Intrepid Eye.[2]

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