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Hector Nyeto
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President of the Gao Republic[1]

"If General Nyeto had been afraid to fight when he faced the same odds, Gao wouldn't be a free world today."
Minister Arlo Casille[3]

Hector Nyeto was a human politician and general on the Outer Colony of Gao, notably serving as a President of the Gao Republic.[1] A hero of the Insurrection, Nyeto served as a Lieutenant Commander in the UNSC Navy, before defecting to aid his homeworld in rebelling against the Unified Earth Government.[2][4]


Hector Nyeto served in the UNSC Navy as a lieutenant commander, until defecting during the Insurrection by commandeering three captured Razor-class prowlers back to his homeworld, Gao.[2] Upon his return to Gao, Nyeto served the Gao Ministry of War as a general in the Gao militia and led its forces against the United Nations Space Command and Colonial Military Administration throughout the Insurrection.[3] Nyeto was largely successful in his efforts using his captured prowlers to great effect,[2] though this was mainly due to the UNSC and CMA being spread thin across the Outer Colonies at the time and Gao was only a small part of the war. Regardless, Nyeto's actions helped Gao gain more independence from the Unified Earth Government.[3] During the Insurrection, General Nyeto was also responsible for creating and organizing the Gao battle-jumpers, armored stealth troopers.[5]

At some point, Nyeto served as one of the first fourteen Presidents of the Gao Republic. His legacy was immortalized as a hologram in the People's Collection of Presidential Holographs, located in the Gao Cabinet Chamber in the People's Palace. Nyeto's hologram features him in armor on a fiery hangar deck with a cigar in his mouth as he smirks at the remains of a CMA AV-14 Hornet.[1] The Hector Nyeto Conference Room in the Montero Vitality Center was named after Nyeto.[6] Nyeto's son, Ross, became an accomplished smuggler in the Isbanola sector, using his father's captured prowlers to smuggle arms across the sector. However, the Gao Ministry of War wanted him dead, believing that his smuggling activities were a stain on his father's heroic legacy.[2]

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