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Ross Nyeto
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Shaved head. Dark beard.[1]

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Gao Republic (fomerly)[1]

"Business is never personal. Not until some punk makes it that way."
— Ross Nyeto to Mark-G313

Ross Nyeto, known to Venezian business partners as the Goliath, is a human gunrunner. He was taken into United Nations Space Command custody in late 2553.[1]



"Your father used those vessels to become a hero of the Insurrection. You used them to smuggle arms for Arlo Casille."
— Veta Lopis

Ross Nyeto's father, Hector Nyeto, was a former president of the Gao Republic and a lieutenant commander in the UNSC Navy. He rebelled against the UNSC and the Colonial Military Administration when the rest of the Gao Republic did. He served the Gao Ministry of War as a general and became known as a heroic figure on the planet. Ross eventually took advantage of three Razor-class prowlers his father had appropriated and began using them to smuggle arms in the Isbanola sector, making the colony of Venezia his home base. In early July 2553, he facilitated the transfer of weaponry between Minister of Protection Arlo Casille and the Keepers of the One Freedom in support of the former's coup against President Tejo Aponte. Following the conflict that ensued, Ross became someone whom multiple groups wanted dead. The Unified Earth Government wanted him dead for helping to arm ex-Covenant, President Casille considered him a loose end who knew too much about his coup, and the Gao Ministry of War thought him to be an embarrassing stain on his father's legacy.[1]

Arrest at the trattoria[edit]

Veta Lopis: "I need a ride, not a partner."
Ross Nyeto: "Then you've interrupted my lunch for nothing."
— Lopis and Nyeto trade words before all hell breaks loose.

On December 12, 2553, Ross Nyeto was at Trattoria Georgi in New Tyne, Venezia with three of his mean and a Jiralhanae bodyguard named Picus when he was approached by Office of Naval Intelligence operative Veta Lopis. Lopis was posing as someone looking to hire his services as part of Operation: RETRIBUTION. When she deftly maneuvered herself past Picus to reach Neyeto at his booth, he was amused enough to smile and signal the Brute to stand down. Lopis let him know that she wished to rent one of his Razors, to which Nyeto at first appeared confused by, not wanting to admit to being Hector Nyeto's son. Once it became clear that Veta knew exactly who he was and it was equally clear that Ross was threatened by this, she made him an offer of boson beads to use the Ghost Flag, one of the prowlers, for one to two months. Ross rejected her offer and one of his men, Marco, caused an escalation when he tried to hang on to the offered phase pearls anyway. Veta used a pain-compliance technique to immobilize the man and guns were immediately drawn by both Nyeto's other employees and the three Spartan-III Ferrets accompanying Lopis. The owner of the establishment Georgi Baklanov, made his presence known at that moment and made Ross apologize for disrupting his customers' meals. He also announced to the entire restaurant that the Goliath would be paying for everyone present. Ross simply put on a strained smile and complied.[1]

Continuing his conversation with Lopis, he took the bait when she let on that her crew had been the ones to recently steal ten HAVOK nukes from the UNSC Taulanti. Ross proposed that he be given five of them in exchange for his assistance in transporting them. Veta feigned agreement right before Baklanov learned that two Spartan-IIs were approaching the trattoria. Ross suggested that they escape by having Picus bust through a side wall. Veta acted amenable to the idea but started stalling to allow Linda-058 time to reposition herself in response. This made Ross highly suspicious, but there was no time for him to do anything about it before the other two members of Blue Team descended on the restaurant and started a firefight. In the midst of the carnage, Ross grabbed Veta's arm and pulled her across the dining room to where Picus had used his body to create a new hole in the wall. The Jiralhanae was then shot and killed by Linda, which caused Ross to be at a loss for words. He ducked and hid behind the wall, but a sharp kick in the back from Veta sent him sprawling on the ground outside the restaurant. He immediately knew he had been played when Linda appeared and nodded at Lopis. The Spartan-II then used her MA5 series assault rifle to deliver a swift blow to the pressure point of his jaw, knocking him unconscious.[1] She then secured him for transport to an ONI interrogation facility aboard the UNSC Silent Joe, a Sahara-class heavy prowler.[2]

Personality and traits[edit]

Ross Nyeto: "Rude and dangerous. How can I refuse?"
Veta Lopis: "I'm glad we understand each other."
— Ross and Veta Lopis meet.

Ross Nyeto exhibits a fashionably-shaved head, a closely-trimmed dark beard, thoughtful amber eyes, and a quick and bright smile. Veta Lopis thought him attractive. He is big as far as humans go, having shoulders as wide as a door and biceps the size of M19 missiles. The day of his arrest he wore a high-necked tunic with an embroidered collar and carried a New Tyne Armory 12mm Comet sidearm. Ross can be smug and overconfident. He was smart enough to know not to defy Georgi Baklanov or to say too much to entrap himself and didn't overly concern himself with maintaining his pride. Before being captured, he stated that he had his own reasons to be nervous about Spartans.[1]

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