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Georgi Baklanov
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December 12, 2553[1]

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"I'm not a guy you want to threaten."
— Georgi Baklanov to Veta Lopis.

Georgi Baklanov was a businessman on the independent colony of Venezia who oversaw half of the world's black market transactions. He was killed by Kelly-087 in December of 2553.[1]


"Time's up, Mr. Baklanov. Now we die."
Veta Lopis

By December of 2553, Georgi Baklanov facilitated fully half of all the black market commerce on Venezia through his restaurant, the Trattoria Georgi, and Uashon Station, an orbital warehouse complex he owned. He paid a number of lookouts, henchmen, and bodyguards to protect his investments and ensure his dominance over the trades he oversaw. On December 12, 2553, Office of Naval Intelligence operative Veta Lopis and her team of Spartan-III Ferrets were present at Trattoria Georgi to meet Ross Nyeto as part of Operation: RETRIBUTION.[1] Their objective was to make enough noise so that the Keepers of the One Freedom would seek them out. To this end, the Spartan-IIs of Blue Team were planning to breach the trattoria and enter into a convincing mock engagement with Veta and the Ferrets. Baklanov emerged from his office in the trattoria when an altercation broke out between Veta and a group she was speaking with. After he learned Spartans were on the way, he deduced that they were coming for Veta and the three others. After calling for everyone to get out, his next instinct was to draw on Ash-G099, hoping that if he gave them up he might be left alone. When the time came, Frederic-104 and Kelly-087 crashed a pair of M121 Jackrabbits through the front window. The first thing Kelly did after breaching was to unload her sidearm into Baklanov's chest, killing him. When the Spartans extracted, he was listed as having been killed as a "target of opportunity", seeing as his presence that night had not been predicted beforehand.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

"Let me make myself absolutely clear. You should leave now. Anyone still here in sixty seconds, the Spartans won't need to shoot."
— Baklanov threatens his own customers.

Georgi Baklanov had gray hair and spoke with a raspy but booming voice. On the night he was killed, he wore a purple vest and carried an 8 mm Sevine Arms Defender. Any gunrunner or other beneficiaries of Venezia's black market knew not to cross Baklanov, else they would be seeking a new place to do business. He kept a calm and measured demeanor in the face of his own impending death or capture, and looked more irritated than alarmed when violence broke out in his establishment. He displayed a modicum of disdain for young people he felt did not show him respect and commanded fear from people to maintain his power.[1]

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