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Production overview


Sevine Arms[1]


Ammunition type:

8mm rounds[1]

Effective range:

less than 10 meters (33 ft)[2]


The 8mm Sevine Arms Defender, known as a SAD-8 or a Defender, is an automatic pistol manufactured by Sevine Arms.[1]

Operational history[edit]

Georgi Baklanov made use of SAD-8s before he was killed by the Spartan-II, Kelly-087, on December 12, 2553.[1] When Civilians on Gao approached UNSC forces at the New Leaf Field Complex a few days later, one of them also carried a Defender.[2]


The SAD-8 is manufactured by Sevine Arms, a corporation on Gao. SAD-8s are freely sold to civilians on Gao and elsewhere, notably Venezia. Defenders are short-nosed weapons designed for easy concealment and close-quarters self defense. Their recoil is so heavy that even experienced shooters have trouble hitting a target at ten meters.[2] The SAD-8 has a hammer that can be thumbed and is capable of firing hollow-point ammunition.[1]

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