12mm Comet

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12mm Comet
Production overview


New Tyne Armory


Ammunition type:

12mm rounds


12mm Comets are oversized pistols manufactured by the New Tyne Armory in New Tyne, Venezia.[1]


Due to their unwieldy size, using the pistols may put one at a significant disadvantage in a quick-draw fight. Office of Naval Intelligence combat instructors have been known to derisively refer to Comets as "hand cannons".[1]

Operational history[edit]

Gunnrunners employed by Ross Nyeto on Venezia used 12mm Comets in December 2553 when the Spartan-IIs of Blue Team crashed a staged meeting between Nyeto and the Ferret team of Spartan-IIIs led by Veta Lopis.[1] Ash-G099 secured one of these Comets for himself and took it with him after hostilities had concluded.[2]

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