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SPARTAN-062 firing paint pellet rounds from two SMGs during a mock battle.

The paint pellet gun is a UNSC weapon similar to paintball markers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Like its predecessor, it fires small plasticine pellets filled with brightly-colored paint. The paint pellet gun is often used by the UNSC Armed Forces as a non-lethal way of training new recruits in basic combat tactics, or as a method of testing new equipment in combat situations without permanently damaging it.

A more advanced version of regular paint pellet is the tactical training round, a round that also tranquilizes the target.


Paint pellet guns were used by Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez and drill instructors of the SPARTAN-II program to introduce the Spartan trainees to the unpredictability of a front-line combat zone.[1] Paint pellet guns were used to snipe the Spartans during parade drills or other supposedly "safe" activities to teach them to keep vigilant during all situations. Such weapons were also used by the 340th ODST Combat Training Unit's Echo and Kilo teams against Maria-062 when she tested John-117's Mark VI MJOLNIR armor in the Special Warfare Center in Seongnam, Korea.[2][3]


This weapon was included in a special edition ODST figure produced by Joyride Studios. The action figure is covered in pink paint splatters.


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