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Kilo Team
Kilo Team ambushes Maria-062.


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Kilo Team is a UNSC Marine Shock Trooper team part of the 340th ODST Combat Training Unit.[1] that provides combat training exercises for other UNSC Special Forces units. The unit is assigned to the Special Warfare Center in Seongnam, Kyonggi Province, United Korea.[2]

Mark VI MJOLNIR armor test[edit]

In October 2552, Kilo and Echo teams of ODSTs provided a mock combat exercise to test a suit of Mark VI MJOLNIR armor in Seongnam. Spartan-II Maria-062, who wore the armor, deployed from low Earth orbit via a parafoil and launched a sudden attack on the ODSTs. She was able to neutralize all members of Echo Team with paint pellet guns, paint grenades, and hand-to-hand combat. However, as she entered structure Alpha-Two, Kilo Team surprised and quickly subdued her via a maneuver codenamed the "Bulgoki Gambit", having been forewarned by the last "surviving" member of Echo Team. After the test, the armor was delivered to Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 only minutes before the Covenant's invasion of Earth.[2]


During the exercise with Maria-062, the members of Kilo Team wore standard ODST armor and utilized paint pellet guns, paint grenades, as well as "Humbler" stun devices.[2]

Known members[edit]

  • Kilo One

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