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Armor Testing

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Maria-062 preparing to ambush a number of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers of the 340th ODST Combat Training Unit.
Maria prepares to throw a mock grenade.

Armor Testing is the second story in the Halo Graphic Novel, written by Jay Faerber, and illustrated by Ed Lee (colors) and Andrew Robinson (pencils). The story depicts a scene shortly prior to the start of Halo 2, showcasing the testing and evaluation of the MJOLNIR Mark VI armor before it is sent to be used by the Master Chief.[1]

Official synopsis[edit]

The only way to test Spartan armor, is to send a Spartan. The question is what's really being tested? The power of the Mjolnir Mark VI battle armor, or the mettle of the ODSTs trying to find its weaknesses?[1]


Maria-062 descending from orbit.
062 equips her Sniper Rifle and fires, as UNSC officers watch in awe.

Maria-062 stands in a Pelican dropship in a low orbit around Earth, awaiting for permission to commence an orbital drop from an unnamed UNSC senior officer. On the Captain's mark, Spartan-062 leaps from the craft and plummets towards the Earth. Meanwhile, ONI personnel at the Special Warfare Center in Songnam of the Kyonggi Province monitor Maria's biosigns and her MJOLNIR Mark VI, which is being tested.

Shortly after breaking through the cloud layer, Spartan-062 overrides the carapace safeties and withdraws her SRS99C-S2 AM sniper rifle, and opens fire upon a group of holographic Covenant troops. At an elevation of 4,000 feet (1,200 m), the airfoil carapace opens and Spartan-062 glides to the surface as her parafoil opens, only to ditch it a little earlier than planned due to the hostile presence.

Upon landing, Spartan-062 is immediately attacked by two ODSTs, one opening fire with an M7 SMG loaded with paint pellet rounds and the other lunging at her with a Humbler stun device. Spartan-062's energy shields flare and she reacts instantly. Grabbing the wrist of the ODST wielding the Humbler, Spartan-062 uses him as a human shield, simultaneously delivering a powerful kick to the ODST with the SMG. The other ODSTs open fire, but are absorbed by the hostage ODST's suit.

The Spartan ditches the ODST as the rounds strike her body and rolls for cover behind some rocks. As the ODST with the Humbler struggles to scramble back to his feet, Spartan-062 hurls a fragmentation grenade into the middle of the ODSTs, neutralizing Echo One through Five. The sole survivor of the blast, Echo Six, makes a run for it and he's quickly "gunned" down by Maria, but not before initiating the "Bulgogi Gambit".

A closeup illustration of a MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark VI boot.
Maria's boot steps on the floor of the building.

Maria runs past his "body" and leaps into a building, designated structure Alpha-Two, through an open window, kicking aside the ODST gunner positioned there as she swings inside. An ODST just outside the door thumbs a detonator and the room Maria is in bursts into flames. Maria, unscathed by the flames that are deflected by her shields, follows him in pursuit and into a group of waiting ODSTs who apparently subdue her.

Back at the Special Warfare Center, Spartan-062 walks in without a helmet followed by the ODSTs from the combat exercise. Maria and the unnamed senior officer exchange salutes and discuss the performance of the armor, which is to be shipped to Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 on Cairo Station upon receiving her seal of approval. Maria is very happy at hearing this, commenting that she thinks they will all sleep better at night once the Master Chief has the armor. The senior officer also tries to persuade her into re-enlisting, but she politely turns down the offer, stating that she wants to start a family.







Armor Testing was the only short in the Halo Graphic Novel to get its own external merchandise; the Halo 2 Exclusives series of action figures included an ODST of the 340th Combat Training Unit, as depicted in the comic. Accordingly, the ODST has paint-splattered armour.



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