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The Oracle scope as seen on the SRS99-AM sniper rifle.

The Oracle scope is a series of telescopic scopes optic used by the United Nations Space Command on their sniper rifles.[1][2]


The Oracle is the most common sniper rifle optics system used in the UNSC, and features a number of models with variable magnifications ranging from 2x to 10x. They are fully smart scope and smart-link compatible, allowing them to link to most heads-up displays and utilise a range of specialised image enhancements. These include infrared and night vision, alongside other more specialised options.[1]


A number of variants of the Oracle scope are used throughout the UNSC. Models in production as of 2560 include the E, K, L, N, and R-variants. The most notable of these are detailed below.[1]

Oracle N-variant[edit]

The Oracle N-variant scope features a range finder,[3], thermal enhancement, and a neutron detector. The range of the scope can be microadjusted with a fine set of screwdrivers[2] and can be also be linked to a datapad to make microcalibrations.[4] The Oracle-N features 5x and 10x magnifications.[1]


Spartan-II Linda-058 frequently made use of the Oracle scope. Her SRS99C-S2 AM sniper rifle was equipped with such a scope during the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV.[6] During the Battle of Havana in November 2552, she also used an SRS99C-S2 AM sniper rifle fitted with an Oracle N-variant scope, which she had received from Base Segundo Terra near Mexico City.[2]

Oracle R-variant[edit]

An Oracle R-variant scope on an SRS99-S5 sniper rifle.

The Oracle R-variant scope is a model prominently used on the Series 5 sniper rifles employed by the UNSC. It features a 4x and a 9x magnification.[1] An additional heavy-duty cyberlink is available for the Oracle-R, which improves the stability of the smart-link connection, and is used on the Arrow of Time rifle variant.



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