A2 scope

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This article is about the weapon attachment. For Voi hydroelectric power plant, see A2 Hydroelectric Facility.
Symbol for an A-2 scope on a crate.

"Huh... my ass! Well, you can forget about those adjustments to your A2 scope..."
— A Master Gunnery Sergeant to Johnson, before being cut off by the elevator.

The A2 scope is a scoped weapon attachment utilized by the United Nations Space Command. The scope was mentioned by "Master Gunns" after he had outfitted John-117 with his new MJOLNIR Mark VI armor just before the Battle of Earth. The Gunnery Sergeant said that Avery Johnson would not be receiving adjustments to said device after he inquired on how Johnson had survived the detonation of Alpha Halo, and the Sergeant Major responded by saying it was classified.[1]

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