Weapon attachment

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Weapon attachments are devices that can be attached to a firearm, typically on a railing or barrel to increase its functional use.

Some of these attachments include:

Human loadout weapons featured in the Warzone simulation allow for a variety of common attachments that can be swapped between the different weapons including the assault rifle, battle rifle, magnum, SMG, and DMR.

These attachments and their functions are as follows:

  • Long Barrel - Increases effective range.
  • Laser Targeter - Increases weapon accuracy.
  • Silencer - Reduces visibility on enemy Motion Trackers when firing.
  • Sound Dampener - Increases effective range and reduces firing signature.
  • Stabilization Jets - Helps control recoil.
  • Kinetic Bolts - Augment knockback and damage against vehicles.
  • Energy Bayonet - Increases melee damage and range.
  • Knight Blade - Increases melee effectiveness, melee damage, and knockback against vehicles.
  • Extended Mags - Increases ready and reserve ammo capacity.
  • Threat Marker - Tracks targeted enemy personnel for a short time.
  • Sights
    • Projection Sight - Effective at short to medium range.
    • CQB Sight - Best suited for close-quarters combat while leveraging Smart-Link.
    • Recon Sight - Can excel at any engagement range.
    • Classic Sight - Rugged combat optics preferred by veteran Spartans.
    • Longshot Sight - Marksman configuration preferred by many Requiem veterans.
    • Sentinel Sight - Configuration with variable-zoom 4×/6× optics; optimized for long-range, pinpoint lethality.
    • Hybrid Sight - Covenant holographic sight.
    • Morph Sight - Forerunner holographic sight.
    • COG Sight - Security configuration issued to ONI's armed-response teams.