BR85 battle rifle

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BR85 battle rifle
Production overview


Misriah Armory

Model series:

BR series


Bullpup battle rifle


Ammunition type:

9.5x40mm M634 X-HP-SAP

Feed system:

36-round box magazine



Rate of fire:

High (cyclic)

Effective range:

950 meters (3,117 feet)[note 1]

Service history

In service:


The BR85 Service Rifle is a burst-fire battle rifle used by the United Nations Space Command.[1]


The BR85 was initially fielded late in the Human-Covenant War, though manufacturing concerns and logistical issues involved with its ammunition meant that it was not widely adopted until the war ended.[1]


BR85N Service Rifle

A variant of the BR85 featuring a smart-link open-topped holographic Recon sight. Was extensively used by the UNSC in October, 2558.[1][2]

  • Morph BR85N: Battle Rifle with Morph sight. Work continues on analyzing "resonance" exhibited by the Morph sight with certain weapons
  • Classic BR85N: Battle Rifle with Classic sight. Tactical configuration fitted with rugged combat optics preferred by veteran Spartans.
  • Longshot BR85N: Battle Rifle with Longshot sight. Marksman configuration preferred by many Requiem veterans.
  • Sentinel BR85N: Battle Rifle with Sentinel sight. Delta-Six special forces configuration with variable-zoom 4x/6x optics; optimized for long-range, pinpoint lethality.
  • Hybrid BR85N: Battle Rifle with Hybrid sight. Sangheili Carbine holoscope technology merged with human industrial methods. This is a Joint Task Force Sierra configuration undergoing evaluation by the UNSC Ordnance Commission.
  • COG BR85N: Battle Rifle with COG sight. Army SPECWARCOM configuration currently undergoing final evaluation.

BR85N attachments

  • Long Barrel: Increases range of bullet magnetism and aim assist.
  • Laser Targeter: Increases weapon accuracy by reducing bullet spread.
  • Silencer: Firing the weapon does not make the user show up on enemy radar. However, walking still gives away the user's position.
  • Stabilization Jets: Helps control vertical recoil.
  • Kinetic Bolts: Augments knockback and damage against vehicles.
  • Energy Bayonet: Increases melee damage and range, allowing for a one-hit kill against normal opponents.
  • Knight blade: Increases melee effectiness, with extra damage and knockback against vehicles.
  • Extended Magazine: Increases both ready and reserve ammunition capacity by 50%.
  • Threat Marker: Tracks targeted enemy personnel for a short time.
  • Sound Dampener: Increases effective range and reduces firing signature.

BR85 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle

Main article: BR85HB battle rifle

A heavy-barreled version of the BR85 featuring a telescopic scope.[3]


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Changes from BR85HB in Halo 4

  • More open sight picture due to new open-topped reflex sight replacing the smart-linked telescopic sight.
  • Accuracy increased.
  • Shorter time between bursts and faster cyclic fire rate.


Ironically, as with the M392 and M395 DMRs erroneously ejecting the signature shell casings of the Battle Rifle, the BR85N in Halo 5: Guardians now erroneously ejects what appear to be the M118 7.62x51mm shell casings of the DMR.


Halo 5: Guardians variants

Halo 5: Guardians Skins

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  1. ^ The tick marks on the BR85's smart-linked scope range between 100 and 950 meters. This presumably reflects the weapon's maximum effective range.


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