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Hybrid sight.

The Holoscope is a holographic sight used on Sangheili weapons.

Development history[edit]

The Covenant have been using smart-link aiming systems for millennia, refining the technology and interlink protocols to near perfection. Though Sangheili display a predilection to iterating on existing designs, some artisans have become fascinated with the possibilities of combining technology refined over centuries in the Covenant with human industrial methods and robotic assembly lines.[1]

Among these efforts is a novel reimplementation of the millennia-old Covenant holoscope design pattern used in the Carbine, but applied to standard UNSC loadout weapons. Holoscopes used on human weapons are referred to as Hybrid sights or Covenant sights.[2]

Known applicable weapons[edit]

The following weapons have been known to utilize this attachment:

The following weapons can utilize the Type-57 Carbine holoscope design pattern:


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