MA3A assault rifle

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The MA3A Individual Combat Weapon System is an assault rifle in Misriah Armory's MA series, presumably a variant of the MA3 - one of the earlier variants of the MA-series of rifles.[1][Note 1]

As of 2552, production of the MA3A had ceased, though it was common on the black market and was favored among terrorist organizations.[2] The Insurrectionist guards on Eridanus Secundus were armed with MA3As, which replaced the HMG-38 heavy machine guns they had previously used.[3]


  1. ^ In Halo: First Strike and Halo: Ghosts of Onyx, the weapon is identified as the MA3 assault rifle. However, Halo Waypoint's article on the MA series refers to it as the MA3A. The A in the weapon's designation implies that it is a variant of the baseline MA3.

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