Unidentified sniper rifle

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This article is about the unidentified weapon utilised by Insurrectionists in Halo Wars. For other uses of the term "sniper rifle", see Sniper rifle (disambiguation).
Unidentified sniper rifle
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By 2531


This unidentified sniper rifle is a type of human sniper rifle, that entered production at some point before 2531. By that point, a number of these weapons had fallen into the hands of an unidentified insurrectionist group active on Harvest and Arcadia. This group outfitted some of its troops with the weapon.[1][2][3] When firing, the weapon's report is notably similar to those of SRS99 series sniper rifles, in particular the SRS99D-S2 AM model.


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This weapon is only available to the AI-controlled rebel faction which occupies certain base slots on a number of multiplayer maps at the start of the match. It is wielded by rebel sniper units, which spawn nearby the rebel bases occupying these slots. The weapon deals significant damage to player units, and has a long range. However, it has a very slow fire rate.[1][2][3]

Production notes[edit]

The sniper rifle bears several visual similarities to the SRS99C-S2 AM sniper rifle in Halo 2. Noticeably, the bolt, magazine and scope are positioned in same place on both weapons, both use the same stock and grip, and the overall profile of the weapons are similar. Consequently, the unidentified sniper rifle is likely to be a member of the SRS99 series, if not actually an SRS99C-S2. However, the rifle is also very low-poly and has very simplistic texturing, and no media has yet identified it, so this cannot be said for sure.


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