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Plasma rifle
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Chalybs Defense Solutions[1]


Directed-energy weapon[2]


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Human-Covenant War (Prototype)


This unnamed plasma rifle was a prototype plasma weapon created by Chalybs Defense Solutions, a human arms manufacturer, during the Human-Covenant War.


Design details[edit]

The energy rifle prototype had an appearance consisting of multiple parts that appeared to be cobbled together, in a "bizarre" configuration - suggesting the prototype was still a ways off final trialling. When attempting to use the weapon, Victor Gallardo noted that it was impossible to tell if he was holding it correctly. The weapon has a shoulder stock and is noted to be heavier than the marksman rifle he had previously learned to shoot with.[2] The prototype present in the workshop of Saskia Nazari's father was fitted with a night-vision scope, which could be zeroed to allow for targeting at range.[3]

When fired, the weapon emits a flash of plasma, which is capable of destroying a tree and turning it into a large number of smaller splinters upon impact. The weapon's firing generates a considerable amount of recoil. This mechanism is achieved thanks to the reverse-engineering of Covenant technology captured in the war, which had been integrated into the rifle in some capacity. The weapon is fitted with a safety mechanism, and is capable of being fired on a semi-automatic setting.[2]

The weapon's exact model designation remains unknown; at the time of the Covenant invasion of Meridian, Saskia Nazari could only recall that it was a "string of letters and numbers".[2]

Development history[edit]

The prototype was created by Saskia Nazari's father, a contractor for Chalybs Defense Solutions at the company's Angoulême facility. As of 2548, the weapon was still in prototyping stages and had not been greenlit for full production yet.[3] Saskia was unsure whether the weapon was slated for use by the United Nations Space Command or other human military/paramilitary organizations, given Chalybs' propensity for supplying various armed groups across the colonies.[1]

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