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Saskia Nazari
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Saskia was a high school student on the Outer Colony of Meridian when the moon came under attack by the Covenant in 2548.[1][2] Together with three other students and a SPARTAN-III, she was able to evacuate the population of her village from the planet.


Saskia was the only child of two wealthy arms dealers, who engaged in war profiteering, selling to both the UNSC and Insurrectionist groups. In her youth, she attended a UNSC prep school, however in the late 2540s her parents moved to Brume-sur-Mer on Meridian, and she transferred to a local high school there.

In 2548, Saskia's parents left the planet at short notice, and shortly after the Covenant laid siege to Meridian. Saskia lived outside of the village of Brume-sur-Mer, and so was unable to enter the local shelter. Instead, she took refuge in her parents' home, which was equipped with prototype defensive systems. From here, Saskia rescued fellow students Evie Rousseau, and Victor Gallardo from a Kig-Yar soldier; shortly after, Dorian Nguyen joined their group.

The four students joined up without a wounded SPARTAN, Owen-B096, and were able to rescue the population of Brume-sur-Mer from the shelter - which was starting to flood due to inclement weather - and evacuate them from the planet in an old Insurrectionist Prowler. Saskia personally lead the refugees out of the shelter and to the ship. She was awarded the Medal of Honor for her part in the events.[1][2]

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