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Approx. 500[1]

Notable events:

Battle of Meridian

"Brume-sur-Mer: Town of a Million Sunsets!"
— Slogan on a sign for the village.[2]

Brume-sur-Mer was a coastal human village on the Outer Colony of Meridian. It was close to the city of Port Moyne. The town was managed by the artificial intelligence Salome,[1] and powered by a fusion reactor.[3] Many of the houses in the town were constructed to look like old French chateaus from Earth, though as of 2548, many fell into disrepair.[1]


Prior to the Human-Covenant War, wealthy individuals from across human space would travel as tourists to visit Brume-sur-Mer.[1]

Human-Covenant war[edit]

Main article: Battle of Meridian
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A highway ran through the town. On one side of this highway was a beach with a motel, owned by the family of Victor Gallardo; while the opposite side was a neighborhood of houses, where Evie Rousseau lived. Near the town was a forest, protected from development and home to Sardans cats.[1]

Snaking beneath the town was an old air raid bunker that had entrances near the center of town, and one main entrance elsewhere. Officially, it was constructed at the start of the Covenant war to protect rich tourists from a potential attack. However, rumors suggested it was older; an old Sundered Legion hideaway from the days of the Insurrection.[1] A nearby Sundered Legion hanger contained a still-functional Prowler that helped save 70% of Brume-sur-Mer's population.


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  • Brume-sur-Mer translates literally to "Mist-On-Sea" in French.

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