Sardans cat

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Victor Gallardo: "A sardans cat. I've never seen one in the wild before."
Evie Rousseau: "What's it doing so close to town?"
— Evie and Victor puzzle over the presence of a sardans cat at the entrance to Evie's neighborhood.[1]

A sardans cat was a type of cat indigenous to the human outer colony of Meridian by 2548.[1]


A sardans cat possessed a pair of glowing, bright yellow eyes set into a round face with tufted ears.[1] The cats had long, sleek bodies and flexible tails. They were capable of climbing trees with ease and were known to live in the forests which surrounded the village of Brume-sur-Mer, where they typically stalked through thick, lush overgrowth. These sardans cats were generally terrified of humans and never came into town. The appearance of a sardans cat in Brume-sur-Mer in 2548 struck Evie Rousseau and Victor Gallardo as especially curious.[1]

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