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The Banyan tree, is a tree that is spread out across Human controlled planets such as Onyx[1] and Meridian.[2]



The Banyan tree is a tree that grows to at least one hundred meters tall. Its titan branches are able to hold structures and objects such as observation platforms.[1] The tree was also known to be able to have thick draping vines.[2]


Banyan trees have been seen in the following places:


There was a large Banyan tree in Brume-sur-Mer, Meridian that was used as the spot where Victor Gallardo usually meets Evelyn Rousseau near Rousseau's neighborhood. In 2548, Evelynn and Victor saw a Sardans cat clinging to the branches of the tree before lightning scared it off, leaving them confused why the cat was even there in the first place.[2]

By October 31, 2552, a large Banyan tree near Camp Currahee, Onyx, was used to house an observation platform, nicknamed the "tree house", by Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose.[1]

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