Sangheili point defense gauntlet

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Rtas 'Vadumee deflects enemy fire with his point defense gauntlet.

The point defense gauntlet is an arm-mounted personal protection device used by some Sangheili. These shields are very similar to the arm shields used by the Kig-Yar in usage, but differ in appearance. Whereas the Kig-Yar variant produces round and convex shields, the Sangheili variant is flat and angular, leaving much of the user's body exposed. However, it has shown to be highly resilient in absorbing attacks.[1]

It is evident that the gauntlet is not a particularly widespread or standard-issue piece of equipment within the Covenant military. Known cases of Sangheili employing the device in the field are extremely scarce, as they typically rely exclusively on the energy shielding of their harness for protection. In rare cases, when required to supplement their armor shields with additional equipment, Sangheili troops have been issued Kig-Yar shield gauntlets instead, although most Sangheili warriors find using them highly dishonorable.[2]

A Sangheili point defense gauntlet was used by Special Operations Commander Rtas 'Vadumee during the infiltration and then destruction of the Infinite Succor. 'Vadumee activated the shield when he dueled against Kusovai; the shield was active along with the Energy Sword on the same arm, indicating it is likely attached to the user's wrist.[1]

Production note[edit]

This item was going to be used in Halo: Combat Evolved by Elites, but it was replaced by the Sangheili personal energy shield, and the point defense gauntlet was given to the Jackals instead.


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