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Infinite Succor
Production information




DSC-class support ship


Fleet Supply Ship



Repulsor Engines

Slipspace drive:



Nanolaminate hull plating


Service information


September 21, 2552

Participated battles:

Battle of Installation 04


Fleet of Particular Justice

Noteworthy crewmembers:

Minister of Etiology


Flood (later)


The Infinite Succor was a Mjern-pattern agricultural support ship of the Covenant, attached to the Fleet of Particular Justice.[1] Its purpose was to provide food stores for the crews and soldiers of the fleet. It contained a large hunting preserve full of wildlife for hunting and producing live meat.


The Infinite Succor had no Sangheili in its crew. The ship's complement seems to have been comprised entirely of Unggoy and Huragok, along with the numerous animals of the preserve. The commander of the ship was a single Minor Prophet, called the Minister of Etiology.

Battle on the Infinite Succor[edit]

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In 2552, during the 9th Age of Reclamation, the ship was sent to Installation 04 to aid the Fleet of Particular Justice as it pursued the Halcyon-class cruiser Pillar of Autumn. The ship was in orbit above the ring when the Flood broke loose from the Halo's Flood containment facilities. The Flood repaired the crashed Covenant dropship, Brilliant Gift, and several combat forms flew the ship into the Infinite Succor's bay. The Flood quickly spread throughout the ship and infected most of the crew and the wildlife from the ship's hunting preserves.[1]

A Strike Team led by Special Operations Commander Rtas 'Vadumee and Special Operations Officer Bero 'Kusovai was sent to take care of the intruders. They originally thought the intruders were a human threat but were quickly surprised by the Flood, which managed to assimilate a Special Operations Sangheili and take the ship's security codes from him. The surviving members of 'Vadumee's squad were gradually killed. The Flood were in the process of using the bodies of the crew and preserve animals to make a Proto-Gravemind in the engineering room of the ship. They were successful in infecting the Minister of Etiology and absorbing him into the Proto-Gravemind. Eventually, 'Vadumee killed the Flood-infected Kusovai, at the cost of 'Vadumee's left mandibles.[1]

Ultimately, 'Vadumee was forced to set the Infinite Succor on a Slipspace vector for the system's star. He survived, but the rest of his team, as well as the entire crew of the ship, are assumed to be lost when it was destroyed in the star.

Production notes[edit]

"This is Eddie’s [Smith] interior design with my heap of corpses. This is the Infinite Succor, which was never used. Here, the Gravemind is basically a giant mass grave of putrescent flesh and bodily fluids."
— Robert McLees, discussing the Infinite Succor's concept.[2]

The Infinite Succor was, at some point, concepted and explored for inclusion in Halo 2. It is unclear to what extent the Infinite Succor was considered for the game, as the only known concept art depicts a Covenant ship interior by Eddie Smith with Flood overlay by Robert McLees. The image (shown below) showcases the "hydroponics ship stables" - similar in concept to the ship later featured in The Last Voyage of the Infinite Succor. It is unclear whether this ship was ever seriously considered as an intended level, or whether it was simply an exploration done by the Bungie artists and later reused in the Halo Graphic Novel.[2]


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