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Seeker of Truth
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CAS-class assault carrier





5,347 meters (17,540 ft)


2,118 meters (6,950 ft)


700 meters (2,300 ft)


Repulsor engines

Slipspace drive:



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Participated battles:


Fleet of Particular Justice

Noteworthy crewmembers:

Known commanders:

Thel 'Vadamee




Seeker of Truth (also referred to as the Seeker[1]) is a CAS-class assault carrier and the former flagship of the Covenant Fleet of Particular Justice. The Supreme Commander of the fleet, Thel 'Vadamee, commanded the vessel during the final years of the Human-Covenant War.[2]


Thel 'Vadamee commanded Seeker of Truth during the Fall of Reach, where he led the Fleet of Particular Justice and eventually glassed the planet. The remains of the fleet followed the UNSC Pillar of Autumn to Installation 04 when it fled the system.[2]

Seeker of Truth and several battlecruisers over Installation 04

After leaving the Epsilon Eridani system and discovering Installation 04, the Prophet of Stewardship and 'Vadamee met aboard Seeker of Truth. They attempted to contact High Charity to ensure the interpretation of their scripture was accurate but were unable to do so.[1][3] When Pillar of Autumn exited slipspace in the system, Seeker of Truth and several other vessels launched dropships and boarding craft in a failed attempt to capture the ship.[4] During the Battle of Installation 04, the Prophet of Stewardship relocated to the carrier Ascendant Justice.[3] Later in the battle, the Infinite Succor activated its emergency beacon. 'Vadamee sent a Special Operations detachment, led by Rtas 'Vadumee, to the vessel to retrieve the Minister of Etiology aboard the Succor and return him to the Seeker of Truth. However, the crew of Infinite Succor and all Special Operation forces were killed by the Flood, except for 'Vadumee who was heavily wounded.[2] When Rtas 'Vadumee returned to Seeker of Truth, Thel ordered all ships in the fleet to invoke emergency quarantine response, priority alpha.[3] Later in the battle, Undiminished Entelechy became boarded and infested by the Flood. Thel 'Vadamee was forced to destroy the cruiser with Seeker of Truth to prevent the Flood from spreading.[5]

When the Supreme Commander realized that the destruction of the installation was imminent he had the entire fleet take cover behind the gas giant Threshold.[3] After the destruction of Installation 04, Seeker of Truth left the system and was called to High Charity. When the carrier arrived at High Charity, Thel 'Vadamee left the ship and took a Phantom to the interior of the holy city.[4] Due to his failure of safeguarding Installation 04, 'Vadamee was called before the High Council and stripped of his rank and command over the flagship.[6]

Production notes[edit]

Though both the Definitive Edition of Halo: The Flood and Halo 2: Anniversary's terminals portray Seeker of Truth as 'Vadamee's command vessel, Halo: First Strike (released years before the Halo Graphic Novel) strongly implies that his flagship was instead Ascendant Justice. This is erroneously stated as fact on the Arbiter's Halo Waypoint biography.


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