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The UNSC Infinity, experimental flagship of the UNSC Navy.

A flagship is a warship used by the commanding officer of a fleet or battle group. It can be any warship and is not restricted to any particular classification; however, it is typically one of the largest ship types within the fleet, such as a cruiser or a carrier, even an orbital platform. The purpose of a flagship is often for command and control.

Flagships in the UNSC tends to be cruisers or carriers.[1] Although, in smaller fleets, a frigate or destroyer may be the flagship. In the Covenant fleet, flagships tend to be CCS-class battlecruisers or CAS-class assault carriers in the typical fleet. However, in battle groups, the flagship may be a cruiser or, rarely, a destroyer.[2] In particularly large and important fleets, the flagship may even be a CSO-class supercarrier.[3]

Known flagships[edit]


Seeker of Truth leading its fleet at Alpha Halo.




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