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UNSC Kayenta
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Halberd-class light destroyer



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Battle of Netherop


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UNSC Kayenta is a Halberd-class light destroyer in service with the UNSC Navy.[1]

Service history[edit]

In 2526, the Kayenta was one of several vessels of Battle Group X-Ray assigned to Task Force Pantea, a task force of destroyers operating as a "wolf-pack" unit in the Outer Colonies. These task forces were deployed in the Outer Colonies to independently harass and destroy the supply lines of the invading Covenant fleets. At 21:00 hours on June 3, 2526, the Kayenta was leading the task force over Netherop when the destroyers encountered a lone Covenant frigate - the Steadfast Strike. The destroyers engaged the frigate, quickly eliminating the Strike's primary weapon systems and disabling the ship. The ship's captain Greyveld saw the opportunity for the ongoing war to capture the ship, and instead ordered the task force not to destroy the frigate.[1]

Task Force Pantea was later ordered by Admiral Preston Cole to stay on-station to support Blue Team during their operation to recover the wreckage of Steadfast Strike, later engaging the Covenant Fleet of Swift Justice.[1] The Kayenta survived the battle and, following the end of the Battle of Netherop, the Spartans of Blue Team were stationed on the Kayenta for a short time before transferring to the Valiant-class super-heavy cruiser UNSC Everest.[2]

Crew and complement[edit]

As a wolf-pack destroyer, the Kayenta carried no on-board Marine complement.[1]


The vessel is likely named after Kayenta, an Arizonan township within the Navajo Nation.

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