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Task Force Pantea


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Task Force Pantea was a United Nations Space Command (UNSC) task force attached to Battle Group X-Ray. It was a "wolf-pack" task force and it was led by the UNSC Kayenta.[1]


In 2526, Task Force Pantea attacked the Covenant frigate Steadfast Strike over Netherop. In the midst of the fighting "Lucky Break" crash landed on the planet. After which the Chaco sent down four Pelicans to investigate the hostile ship. Only one returned.[1] After the Fleet of Swift Justice arrived, Pantea got involved in a three-way battle with them and the Flotilla of Unsung Piety.[2] At least one of the destroyers fell in the battle.[3]


As it was a wolf-pack task force operating from Battle Group X-Ray, Task Force Pantea was comprised of Halberd-class light destroyers each of which lacked a Marine complement.[1] Pantea also had a complement of ten F-29 Nandao squadrons.[4]

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