Sol Defense Group 3/A-5

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Sol Defense Group 3
A Misriah Armory facility on Mars. From Halo: Arms Race.

A pair of Marathon-class heavy cruisers of the Sol Defense Group 3/A-5 being docked planetside on Mars


United Nations Space Command[1]


UNSC Navy[1]




The Sol Defense Group 3/A-5 is a battle group of the UNSC Navy.[1]


Battle for Earth[edit]

The group at the time of the initial Covenant attack on Earth consisted of two active ships out of eight. Two Marathon-class heavy cruiser were docked planetside. Since their readiness levels was registered as "critical", the group requested for rearmament from the Misriah Armory factories on Mars. The movement of cruisers dock may suggest that it was about to be launched.[1]

The Marine unit designated S4/BAG/2/5 was assigned to the battle group.[1]

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