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Battle Group Rhino




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W. Murray


Battle Group Rhino was a formation of the UNSC Navy's Third Fleet. It was led by Captain W. Murray at the close of the Human-Covenant War. On October 10, 2552, Battle Group Rhino detected twelve unidentified large vessels in the Sol system broadcasting outdated civilian IFF codes. Upon approach, eleven of the vessels made unauthorized slipspace transits from the Sol system. Pursuant to standing orders to engage vessels not positively identified as friendly, Battle Group Rhino moved to engage the remaining ship.[1] The UNSC Totem Lake was subsequently lost with all hands after reportedly suffering multiple hull breaches and boarding parties. The battle group then disengaged and regrouped at Phase Line Alpha above Enceladus. Vice Admiral Williams, in charge of the entire Third Fleet, requested permission from Fleet Admiral Harper to attack the ship, but permission was denied. The brief spout of violence in which the Totem Lake was lost came to be known simply as the Battle of October 10.[1]


UNSC Totem Lake