Battle Group 4

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Battle Group 4
TFoR AS - Harvest glassed.jpg


April 2525October 7, 2525[1]


Unified Earth Government[2]


Colonial Military Administration[2][3]


Battle group[1]


Investigation of Harvest[1]


Three warships[4]


First Battle of Harvest[1]


Captain Maribeau Veredi[4]

"The group consisted of the destroyer Heracles, commanded by Captain Veredi, as well as the frigates Arabia and Vostok."
Vice Admiral Michael Stanforth[5]

Battle Group 4 was a formation of the Colonial Military Administration's fleet, under the command of Captain Maribeau Veredi.[2][3][4] The battle group was assembled and dispatched to investigate the lose of communications with the human Outer Colony of Harvest. Upon arriving at the planet on October 7, 2525, Battle Group 4 encountered a Covenant super-destroyer, leading to one of the first naval engagements of the Human-Covenant War.[6][7]


"The Colonial Military Administration sent a battle group to respond to the alien threat. They survived less than fourteen seconds before two of the three destroyers [sic] in the group were obliterated, and the remaining destroyer, the Heracles, was forced to retreat."
Codename: SURGEON's report, Historical/Psychological Analysis of Cole, Preston J.[3]
The damaged Heracles, returning to Reach

After communications were lost with the Unified Earth Government Outer Colony of Harvest, the Colonial Military Administration deployed the unarmed scout ship CMA Argo to investigate. Argo arrived over Harvest in the Epsilon Indi system on April 20, 2525, but contact was lost with the scout ship shortly after.[1][4] In response, fearing that insurrectionist forces had taken control of Harvest and unaware of the true nature of the enemy,[8] the CMA and UNSC Fleet Command assembled Battle Group 4—consisting of the destroyer CMA Heracles and the frigates Arabia and Vostok—to investigate Harvest, led by Captain Maribeau Veredi.[1][4]

When the battle group arrived over Harvest on October 7, 2525, they discovered that the planet's surface was partially glassed and detected the Covenant super-destroyer responsible for the massacre of Harvest and destruction of Argo. Veredi followed first-contact protocols by attempting to initiate communications with the ship, but the Covenant super-destroyer suddenly opened fire upon the battle group with its pulse laser turrets. The battle group returned fire, but their Archer missiles had no apparent effect. In fourteen seconds, Arabia and Vostok were destroyed—lost with all hands—and Heracles was severely damaged.[4][6][9]

Before fleeing back into slipstream space, Heracles picked up a transmission in English from the Covenant ship: "Your destruction is the will of the gods, and we are their instrument." When the ship returned to UEG space over Reach in the Epsilon Eridani system, Veredi told the UNSC of what had taken place and a larger battle group was assembled by Vice Admiral Preston Cole to retake Harvest.[4][6]



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