Battle Group Dakota

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Battle Group Dakota
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Battle group


Defense of Earth


Roughly 7+ ships



Commander Thomas Lasky[1]


Battle Group Dakota was a formation of the UNSC Navy's Home Fleet. In the summer of 2557, it took part in the defense of Earth during the New Phoenix Incident. [2] Thomas Lasky is the commander of the battle group as acting-captain of the flagship UNSC Infinity.


In the summer of 2557, the Didact's ship, Mantle's Approach, exited slipspace near Earth intending to wipe Earth's population out with the Composer. However, the UNSC Infinity had arrived at Earth to warn UNSC forces of the attack. Soon after Mantle's Approach exited slipspace Battle Group Dakota was ordered to engage the ship. The battle group was unable to seriously damage the ship, but after learning that the Master Chief was trying to board the ship in an F-41 Broadsword armed with a HAVOK tactical nuclear weapon, they aided him in entering the ship, with Infinity blasting a hole into the Composer once the Chief took down Mantle's Approach's point-defense guns. The fleet lost several vessels in the engagement, but maintained their station while the Master Chief carried out his objective.



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