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Seventh Fleet


United Nations Space Command





Commander Miranda Keyes

"So then the Covenant fleet really starts to tear into the orbital defenses. It's getting ugly up there. Major skirmishes with the Second, Seventh, and Sixteenth Fleets."
Sergeant Laura "Smokes" Tanner[1]

The Seventh Fleet is an organization of the UNSC Navy. Serving in the front lines of the Human-Covenant War in late 2552, the fleet was recalled to defend Earth after the Covenant invasion.[2] One of the fleet's Charon-class light frigates, UNSC Chioglossa, was destroyed in the initial stages of the Covenant's attack on Mombasa on October 20.[3] On November 3, the fleet was engaged in major skirmishes with Covenant vessels in Earth orbit in conjunction with the Second and Sixteenth Fleets.[1]

On November 17, three Seventh Fleet frigates led by Commander Miranda Keyes (with the Forward Unto Dawn as the flagship)[2] engaged the Prophet of Truth's Forerunner Keyship as he attempted to use the vessel to activate the portal structure buried near Voi, Kenya.[4] As Truth's fleet fled through the now active portal, the Dawn traveled with the Sangheili Fleet of Retribution to the Forerunner Ark installation,[5][6] leading to the destruction of the Covenant and the end of the war.[7]

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