Battle Group Victory

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Battle Group Victory


Late 2552[1]


United Nations Space Command[1]


UNSC Navy[1]


Battle group[1]


At least seven Charon-class light frigates[2]


Battle of Voi[1]


FADM Terrence Hood[2]
VADM K. Lanba[4]


"All ships: fire at will!"
Admiral Hood

Battle Group Victory was a small battle group of the UNSC Navy's Seventh Fleet present during the Battle of Voi on November 17, 2552.


Actions in Voi[edit]

Under the command of Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood,[2] Battle Group Victory arrived to support UNSC Air Force and Marine Corps forces clearing Skar'wa-pattern Mantis emplacements surrounding the Portal at Voi, allowing for Fleet Admiral Joseph Harper to authorize an in-atmosphere MAC strike against the Covenant's flagship, the Forerunner Dreadnought. The battle group was accompanied by dozens of GA-TL1 Longswords who conducted a massive bombing strike on the enemy vessel as the frigates came into firing range. However, the MACs had no effect against the keyship and the portal was activated, resulting in spatial distortions that damaged the artificial gravity systems of the nearby ships.[1][3]

At least one frigate, the Forward Unto Dawn, accompanied the Sangheili Fleet of Retribution in its pursuit of Truth's fleet through the portal to Installation 00, where it was ultimately destroyed. The fate of the other frigates is unknown.

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