K. Lanba

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K. Lanba
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Vice Admiral K Lanba is an officer in the UNSC Navy. At the end of the Human-Covenant War, Lanba participated in the Third Battle of New Mombasa during the Battle for Earth on November 17, 2552. K. Lanba was attached to Battle Group Victory at the time. The battle group vectored to support the Air Force and Marine operation clearing the Covenant's Type-27 Anti-Aircraft Cannon emplacements in the area surrounding the Excession. After receiving authorization from Fleet Admiral Joseph Harper, Lanba ordered the use of MAC rounds in atmosphere, to little effect on the Forerunner Dreadnought. The opening of the portal caused spatial distortions that damaged the artificial gravity systems of all present United Nations Space Command ships, but science and repair records were ordered redacted by CINCONI Margaret Parangosky.[1]

On January 19, 2553, K. Lanba submitted a report concerning these events, dubbed Sequence Log 03-0101 and composed of 15 individual files.