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Fifth Fleet
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United Nations Space Command






Fleet Admiral Joseph Harper[1]


The Fifth Fleet is an organization of the UNSC Navy commanded by Fleet Admiral Joseph Harper. It participated in the Battle of Earth on October 20, 2552 as part of the UNSC Home Fleet. The fleet consisted of eight Marathon-class heavy cruisers and sixty-seven Stalwart-class light frigates.[1]



Beginning September 5, 2552 all remaining fleets and starships of the UNSC Navy were placed into a single command grouping under the UNSC Home Fleet.[2]

Battle for Earth[edit]

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When the Prophet of Regret's Fleet of Sacred Consecration launched their assault on Earth, Admiral Harper, aboard his flagship the UNSC Canberra, led the Fifth Fleet into battle with the intention of engaging the numerically disadvantaged Covenant fleet head on. Instead, Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood advised Harper to dedicate the bulk of his force towards defending the orbital cluster consisting of Cairo, Athens, and Malta stations. The Fifth Fleet formed a defensive net around the cluster and attacked any approaching Covenant cruisers as Regret's flagship, the Solemn Penance advanced into Earth orbit. As the Covenant armada fell into disarray Regret's two assault carriers plowed through the cluster and the Fifth Fleet sustained huge losses in preventing their advance to the surface. Despite these losses, they succeeded in bringing down the shields of one of the two vessels. Thus, with the intervention of SPARTAN-II supersoldier John-117 the assets of the Fifth Fleet saw the destruction of the carrier holding position in Earth's orbit, but the second carried the Hierarch to Africa to resume his assault on the planet.[1]

As the ground battle in New Mombasa intensified, several vessels attached to the Fifth Fleet dedicated their contingents of ODSTs of the 105th and 65th shock troops divisions to reinforce the UNSC's ground forces and to board the Penance. These vessels, among them the cruiser UNSC Say My Name deployed these Helljumpers into Earth's atmosphere above the city, moments before the Prophet fled the planet upon the failure of his assault.[3]


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