Enemy of my Enemy

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Enemy of my Enemy
"The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I loathe these machines!"
— Kitun 'Arach

Enemy of my Enemy is an achievement in Halo 5: Guardians, awarded for protecting the Sangheili Warrior Kitun 'Arach, who is attacking a hill in the level Osiris, on Heroic or Legendary difficulty.[1][2]


After passing through the Forerunner security station and a cave, the player(s) will come to a hill being defended by Promethean Soldiers and Crawlers, which is assaulted by a small group of Covenant while the Kraken attacks from a distance. The Covenant lance is led by a single Warrior, who must be protected and kept alive. The achievement is earned when he steps onto the platform at the top of the hill.

If the Elite spots the player or their allies, he will attack them. It is recommended that the player attempt this achievement on co-op, as the NPC members of Fireteam Osiris will also attack the Elite. But once the Elite reaches the top, he will become an ally and fight alongside Osiris. After that he will no longer attack the player or their teammates, nor will your NPC teammates attack him.[3] Any other Covenant that survive with him will also become friendly. It is not necessary for them to reach the platform too; the Warrior changing alliances will change theirs as well. The player can switch weapons with them, but these Covenant will stay at the platform and not accompany them further in the level. However, it is highly recommended to avoid attempting this achievement on Legendary difficulty, as the Elite tends to throw Plasma Grenades.


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